The Abominable Snowman DVD Forrest Tucker Peter Cushing

The Abominable Snowman DVD Forrest Tucker Peter Cushing

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In this intelligent, sensitive sci-fi film from England's legendary Hammer Studios, Peter Cushing is Dr. John Rollason, a botanist on a Himalayan expedition with his wife (Maureen Connell). Mrs. Rollason is unaware that John is actually awaiting the arrival of another expedition led by his gruff colleague, Dr. Tom Friend (Forrest Tucker), which is to explore the mountains in search of the half-man/half beast Yeti. Environmental hardships and disagreements between members of the expedition take their toll, but the men do discover that the Yeti does exist, and there is much more to their kind then the men originally thought. Smart and suspenseful, this modest gem should please genre fans. This was Cushing's follow-up to Hammer's hugely successful THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1957).

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