The Brooke Shields Collection 4 DVD Set

The Brooke Shields Collection 4 DVD Set

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DISC ONE: Pretty Baby

Director Louis Malle tackled a social taboo and made 12-year-old Brooke Shields a star with this controversial examination of child prostitution in turn-of-the-century New Orleans. Violet (Shields) is the daughter of a prostitute (Susan Sarandon) who works at one of the brothels in New Orleans' legendary red-light district, Storyville. One day photographer Ernest Bellocq (Keith Carradine) arrives at the brothel to take photos of the prostitutes and becomes fascinated with Violet, who is fast approaching her 12th birthday and a subsequent initiation into prostitution. When her mother moves to St. Louis in search of marriage and respectability, Violet determines to marry the much older Bellocq. Malle infuses the potentially lurid subject matter with a lyrical beauty that brings humanity to his characters and story, with the assistance of a sensitive script by Polly Platt and superb cinematography by Sven Nykvist.

DISC TWO: Endless Love

Based on the best selling novel by Scott Spencer, this is an erotic, passion-soaked drama starring Brooke Shields as the obsession of boyfriend next-door Martin Hewitt. Their young love is so overwhelming that it starts to concern Brooke's parents, who try to separate them. The distraught boyfriend ends up setting Brooke's house on fire and is never allowed to see her again. It's a terrible thing, this flame of youthful passion, but each flicker is perfectly captured by director Franco Zeffirelli's operatic eye.

DISC THREE: King of the Gypsies

An American boy is born to lead his people. Film gives a fascinating insight into gypsy culture and traditions.

DISC FOUR: Brenda Starr

Ace reporter Brenda starr must find the missing scientist and his missing formula so she can get the scoop of the century for her financially-strapped newspaper. But she's not the only one searching. She risks her life and goes to the treacherous jungles of South America with the help of her handsome, dashing mystery man to find the story.

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